1 dress, 5 outfits

Hello my dearest readers,

I will start this post with a question: Do you have a dress that you just ADORE, but it may be a bit over-the-top for work or a casual day out? 

Well, fear no more my lovies because I have prepared 5 outfits for that one special dress. All of these outfits are easily customizable and all of the pieces paired can be easily found in any store, keeping you in a budget and not having to spend those extra $$$, or just buying a whole new outfit. 

You probably have most of these items at home already, which is even BETTER! The point of this post is also to help you beautiful people be stylish and fashionable with things you already own. 

On that note, you can quickly check my Youtube video about these 5 outfits for better visuals and see me trying to turn my room into some sort of modeling-runway-situation. Don’t judge.

Let’s get more in-depth with this post now. Here are 5 ways to wear a single dress, and still slay like the gorgeous queen you are!


Outfit #1 – The dress

The first outfit, of course, is the dress on its own. Any dress that has a vibrant, colorful, detailed or a WOW look does deserve its time in the spotlight. My number one tip I would give when wearing a dress that has such a majestic design is to keep everything else simple. Keep the shoes, jacket, bag and accessories to a single color. Jewelry should also be very simple. The only thing I would agree on is earings that are the same color as the dress, in this case, magenta (it’s a shade of pink).

With this dress, I added simple black pointed heels. For the sake of the video, and the focus being only the dress, I did not add any accesories. But as I mentioned earlier, I would add a black jacket if needed, a black bag, and I would keep the makeup simple. Either eyeliner with nude lips, or light colored eyeshadow and pink lips. For my taste, adding both eyeliner and bright colored lips is a bit too much, but if you can rock it, by all means. Work those colors hun!


Outfit #2 – Work

If you’re like me, a business look has to be fashionable. Yes, the monochrome look makes you look BOMB, but not all of us own a monochrome business outfit. So, we can improvise. And it is very simple – just add a blazer. Any blazer that can tie in with the color scheme of the dress will fit nicely. I chose a black blazer, because that’s what I’ve got. Since the dress has a vibrant pattern, I wouldn’t recommend a blazer that has a pattern. This particular dress does have a lot of black lines, so this blazer fit perfectly. Another tip: try on different types of blazers in the same color. Different lenghts and styles are awesome and can really make a different in the silhouette you present. 

Also, whenever you wear a blazer, there is usually a lot of coverage on the top part of your body. When the dress is over-the-knee, shoes that cover the ankles will give a shorter look. So, I would recommend any type of shoe or heel that is below the ankle. Here, I’ve paired the outfit with black suede mules. The block heel makes them extremely comfortable for work (especially if you have to stand a lot during work, like me), and are also pure fabulousness.


Outfit #3 – Casual

There is NO dress, that you can’t turn into a casual day-to-day wear. Except gowns maybe. There is too much fabric, they’re for events, and yeah we’re getting off topic now.

SOOO… the secret to turning any dress into a casual outfit is….(yes the flat shoes but alsoo)…. A PLAIN TOP. Just add a plain colored top and you’re good to go. The dress turns into a skirt, but it still maintains that pop of colour and detail to not let the outfit look too boring or dull. In this case, I chose white. Black also would fit nicely, but I was feeling the white top more for this look. This particular top is cropped, and has beautiful sleeves at the bottom. But again, any top with a single color will work perfect with a vibrant dress.

And of course, the shoes. Any type of flat shoe just screams casual. With this outfit, I chose ballerina-style suede flats that have a pointed toe. Your girl still has to have a bit of fashionista vibes in every piece. Sneakers also would go very nicely with this outfit. I don’t have any white sneakers (I know… working on it), but I do have a pair of black and white VANS that I wear with everything, so those could work too if you have a pair.


Outfit #4 – Edgy

You gotta try that edgy pose for an edgy outfit! And what says EDGY better than a leather jacket? CHUNKY BOOTS. Yas, and this particular look has both. 

I wear this jacket with everything, and it is something that I believe MUST be in everyone’s closet. A leather jacket is a piece that goes together with almost any outfit, and it doesn’t have to be one particular style. Find a type that fits you well and that you feel comfortable wearing it. Then, pair it with that awesome dress that you have. Nothing more for leather jackets, they’re pretty self-explanatory.

Chunky boots – just to make it extra edgy. Any type of chunky or military-vibe type of boot works well with this outfit. Doc. Martens are a great pick, and there are also a lot cheaper options in various stores. I would say, stick to black with these ones. They pair nicely with the jacket and can also be worn with other outfits as well. -Speaking from experience here, I have a pair of limited edition Doc Martens, that can only be worn with a one-colored outfit. While I do love them, I would like to have a pair in black, or even a pair of black Timberland boots. Brb gotta see how much my kidney can sell for…


Outfit #5 – Business – Casual

Yaaaaas babes! This is an outfit that I absolutely love. Want a more business vibe, but not blazer-type business? Add a shirt. I would also reccomend tying the shirt in the front for a thinner silhouette. It maintains your body shape and makes you look taller, since you would be tying above the waist. Any single color will do, and with this dress I chose a basic white shirt. I tied it in the front and voilla – Business, meet casual. 

As for the shoes, you can basically wear any type of shoe with this look. Heels, flats, boots, everything. I chose white boot-like sandals (if that’s even what they’re called). They’re open toe and a strap-back, so your feet won’t get blisters above the heel (a problem I struggle with). 


And that is it lovies! I hope you liked the outfit ideas. ALSO, guess what? I’M SELLING SOME OF MY CLOTHES! Yas your girl has started a thrifting business. I’m selling my clothes online on Instagram (hopefully later on on the website as well), and will soon be moving on to thrifting. You will be able to buy second-hand and thrifted goddies at awesome prices, and look as stylish as ever. The dress shown here is actually for sale as well. If you would like to purchase it or check out the other products, go to www.instagram.com/simplydew.shop 


Until next time!

Love and pancakes,