After more than a year of absence and neglect, I finally return to my beloved readers.

It’s funny how quickly days turn into months… and then… BOOM… a year. I wrote several drafts but never published them. Always trying to make my blog the best it could be, with the very little experience I have. Sure I can write, but I didn’t know how to design my website, what hosting is, css and a whole lot more that I have yet to figure out.

I am back, and this time for good. I spent countless hours designing this new website theme, and even though it’s still not EXACTLY how I want it to be, I’m slowly getting there. 2018, I’m going to make you the best year yet! This year is going to be centered around content creation, a field which I have become insanely fond of. Writing blog posts, short stories, inspirational material, designing, making videos and SO MUCH MORE.

Of course, I still need to graduate this year… so that’s going to consume a huge chunk of my time. But hey, I’ve learned to work under MASSIVE time pressure… mainly because I procrastinate like crazy. Graduating will definitely be a highlight of 2018.

So to my dearest readers, buckle up! You’re going on the 2018-ride with me!

Love and pancakes,