A Silent Cry: CHAPTER 2

So many mornings passed. The days were as monotonous as ever. I waited and waited for a surprise. Oh, how I longed for it!

One particular day, I had a feeling that something was going to happen. The past night’s sky was a little short of warriors. This made the sky look dark and melancholic. I wondered where the missing stars might have gone. Could it be that they were hiding and waiting to reappear brighter than ever? So many questions rushed through my puzzled mind that night. One thing I knew for sure was that tomorrow MUST be different.

So on that particular day, I woke up on the right side of my bed. – Yes, I own a double bed, nothing too fancy. To be frank with you, this must mean something, as I had never before noticed on which side of the bed I had woken up to. Why did my conscience suddenly tell me that I needed to pay attention to which side I woke up on? One reason: something is going to happen.

After a few minutes of myself just wondering why I noticed which side I woke up on, I proceeded to finish my morning routine. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, brushed my hair, put on some mascara and a black shirt and I put my 11th-grade books in my “very fashionable” 7-year-old gray bag, which still has a blue ink stain on its front pocket from the time Maria forgot to put the lid back on the goddamn pen. You might wonder why I told you all of this, as a morning routine is of no importance to the actual reason why I am telling you about this particular day. Well, I just wanted to let you know how the day started. Sue me.

Next up on the agenda was school. The great, amazing, beautiful and darling school of ours which I learned so much all of these years! – Yes… Sarcasm. Honestly speaking, I didn’t mind the boring school life that much. Even though the bus was late today, I managed to get to my class on time. Biology has always interested me, but Mr. Davis, for some reason, sucks all of the fun out of it. I can’t begin to fathom why we need to learn the scientific names of every living and non-living specimen by heart. Really, Mr. Davis, do YOU even know all of them by heart? Nevermind, we’re drifting away from the main topic. So, Biology class. What was weird during the 50-minute shouting session of “WHAT’S A CANIS LUPUS FAMILIARIS?” (it’s a dog by the way), was the crow in the tree outside. It was staring at me like I had accidentally colored its white socks in the washing machine.

My time at school was spent pretty much the same as any other day, with the exception of the weird crow. After I arrived home, my mother called out for me to come and eat dinner. We had lasagna. Which, again, is very strange. We usually have chicken on Thursdays. Why was today everything so different?

The whole afternoon passed, and I was continuously listing all of the unusual things that happened on that particular day. Where they signs? Why hasn’t anything happened yet?

My waiting soon came to an end. It was time to sleep. Nothing happened all day. Still puzzled, I got into bed and tried to reflect on the events during the course of the day. Why did I sense that something was going to happen? Did I imagine it all? I waited and waited, and nothing happened.

Disappointed, I slept without looking at the stars.